Our customizable simulators are designed to adapt, scale and evolve
to meet your requirements. Whether your focus is research, design or
training, our systems can easily be adapted to your specific needs
UAV CRAFT is the culmination of decades of experience in advanced software design for aerospace, military and civilian applications. It provides an effective alternative to traditional ‘’Big iron’’ simulators and delivers unparalleled flexibility, with exceptional fidelity in vehicle realism and mission specifications. We know that for research, design and training, realism matters. Our systems give you total control over all technical and tactical environments, and the freedom to customize your platform to meet your goals. Our open-architecture approach to product design means our platforms evolve to meet your changing requirements. Clients using our platforms benefit from lower development costs, and faster time to market. Whether you’re looking for fully immersive mission training, or a versatile and robust “test bench” for research or new product development, Presagis UAV CRAFT is built to meet your requirements.
UAV CRAFT is ideally suited for research, design and training areas for a wide range of UAV types. Using UAV CRAFT simulators can help reduce flying time on expensive top of the line simulators.
Like all Presagis solutions, the UAV CRAFT is backed by a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping you achieve the results you’re looking for quickly and cost effectively.

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Key Features

UAV CRAFT comes equipped with :

  • Ground Control Station.

  • Control & Management Station.

    • Instructor Operator Station 
    • Process Utility Manager

Ground Control Station (GCS) was developed around the concepts of the STANAG 4586 Architecture. As a result, each component can be customized or replaced. This Modular Architecture is based on functional separation, an approach that allows operators to use five Levels of Interoperability (LOI). Through STANAG 4586 Human Supervisory Control Implementation, the GCS fully supports UAV Human Supervisor Control (HSC) functionalities. Additionally, the GCS can also be fully customized or replaced by simulated interfaces that are FACE-aligned and can then be embedded in real hardware.

Example of GCS Configuration – for reference only.


Control and Management Station is divided in two parts; launch and process control, and the Instructor Operator Station (IOS). The Process Utility Manager starts all processes on ail the stations and monitors the simulator health status. The IOS is designed to assist the instructor in controlling the simulation training environment and monitoring all aspects of pilot/crew performance in the simulator. The instructor can control and supervise all functions such as observer point of view, UAV position and systems, meteorological, environmental, control the scenario for tactical and technical flight aspects.


Sample 3D Terrain Database features objects and points of interest including roads, rivers, coastlines, buildings, oceans, vegetation, electrical network, airfields, ports and airports.



Comprehensive Toolset

Ground Control Station:


  • One (1) high-end computer
  • One (1) 23” Touch screen monitor
  • One (1) 24” LCD monitor
  • Multi-Screen Monitor stand
  • One (1) heavy duty pilot joystick
  • One (1) heavy duty throttle controller
  • One (1) heavy duty camera joystick
  • Two (2) radio headsets
  • Local Network components

Presagis Runtime software:

  • UAV Craft GCS
  • Vega Prime Pro
  • Ondulus IR


  • Multi-function navigation & flight control console
  • 2D/3D moving map with MIL symbology
  • Numerous Instrument Indicators
  • Attitude Directional Indicator (ADI)
  • Mission planning
  • Audio Comms
  • System status pages
  • Single or dual operator capabilities (Pilot / Payload)
  • EO/IR camera views
  • Optional sensors available:
    • Ondulus Radar:
      • RBGM
      • MTI
      • ISAR
      • Strip SAR
      • Spot SAR

Control & Management Station / IOS:


  • One (1) high end computer
  • One (1) 3D mouse ( control observer point of view )
  • Three (3) 24" monitors
  • One (1) multi-Screen Monitor stand
  • One (1) radio headset.
  • Local Network components

Presagis Runtime software:

  • UAV Craft
  • Vega Prime Pro
  • HeliSIM / FlightSIM
  • Ondulus IR
  • IOS server
  • Process Utility Manager


  • 3D point of view of the ownship ( UAV )
  • Sample dynamic UAS flight model (MALE, VTOL or sUAS)
  • System Management tools
  • Terrain database management tools
  • Training management tools
  • Audio Comms
  • Sample high-resolution 3D visual terrain database
  • Content-rich training scenario
  • 3D model library