Terra Vista Pro

Terra Vista Pro includes all of the features in Terra Vista plus more output capabilities and productivity options, such as Multi-Machine Build (MMB). This tool is ideal for building medium and large terrain databases with complex cultural features. 

Terra Vista Pro supports the building of database environments for ground, air, maritime, sensor, and Urban/MOUT. With Pro, you get the industry’s highest level of correlation, fastest production times, and most powerful production environment.

The integrated editing tools in Pro also let you place models into your built environment and interactively correct orientation, scale, position, and type while watching the results in the 3D viewer window. You can also quickly correct source data errors from within the application using the embedded vector and elevation editors, and the elevation editors automatically mosaic and correct errors typically found in elevation data.

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Core Features

Export formats

Supports the highest number of standard export formats in the industry and offers 400+ projections for those formats.

Optional plug-ins

Support for optional plug-ins allows export to JANUS, JCATS, OTF/ OneSAF/ OOS, JSAF, and other SAF/CGF systems.

Compatible with Multi-Machine Build™

Compatible with the industryfs fastest and most flexible distributed compute environment.

Supports the new MMB Controller™

Allows each processor on the computer to be a single compute node on your MMB network when you are not controlling the license through the user interface.

Elevation and vector editing tools

Provides built-in elevation and vector editing tools to speed up the correction of source data materials.

Integrated viewer

For visually updating the position/orientation/scale of 3D models, for placing/scaling/orient new models, for scaling/rotating/replacing textures, and for modifying vectors features and their attributes.