Terra Vista DART

In addition to the features found in Terra Vista Pro, Terra Vista DART provides a wide range of import capabilities. DART is the ideal solution for developers who need to frequently maintain and update legacy databases.

Terra Vista DART supports the building of database environments for ground, air, maritime, sensor, Urban, and MOUT. And, because of its speed, stability, and functionality, more government and contractor production environments around the world use DART than any other terrain production tool.

Designed for medium- to large-sized production shops, DART can generate rapid correlated visual, sensor, SAF/CGF, maps, and analytical 3D databases for Mission Rehearsal, operational uses, large simulator contracts, and advanced concepts and demonstrations. With the ability to ingest every format that it produces, DART provides absolute vertex level correlation when working to correlate legacy databases with new formats and applications. In addition, DART provides 400+ projections for its supported formats and includes such features as parametric generation capabilities for airports from DAFIF, Harbors from DNC, buildings from Esri shape, and urban clutter from templates.

Because DART is compatible with Multi-Machine BuildTM and includes integrated industry-leading time saving technologies, you can stay on schedule and produce more databases faster and with fewer errors. The inclusion of MMB in a Box allows DART to take advantage of up to 2 compute instances and speeds up your computation by starting multiple instances of the software. MMB in a Box not only allows you to run multiple compute instances of DART on a single machine, but, when those instances are not in use, they can also function as 2 compute instances on your MMB network.

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Core Features

Seamless migration

Move your legacy 3D databases to new formats or upgrade them with new information without effecting the correlation of the existing data.


Auto-generate airport runways from DAFIF data, use Complex Sections to create complex 3D roads and rivers, and employ SmartVectors to scatter theme-based models.

Proven performance

Able to deliver correlated databases in every domain of simulation, including urban, MOUT, ground, helo, UAV, and aviation.