Terra Vista

Terra Vista is the entry level Terra Vista product. With basic terrain generation capabilities, Terra Vista Base is ideal for constructing small and simple terrain databases with limited cultural features.

With the largest terrain generation install base consisting of thousands of customers in over 48 countries worldwide, Terra Vista Base provides the highest level of correlation in more formats than any other terrain database product in the industry. Rapidly construct terrain databases for Modeling and Simulation applications through rule-based construction methods, an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), template-based automation, parametric modeling techniques, and an expert systems-assisted configuration.

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Core Features

New Project Wizard

  • The New Project Wizard improves on the Interviewer of previous versions to help you easily create and configure a new Terra Vista project.
  • The Wizard adapts to the selected output compilers to validate and fix incorrect output configurations, and suggests projections and gaming area extents based on the chosen output compilers.
  • Preset database types (e.g., fast jet, helicopter, UAS, etc.) allow you to select pre-defined project settings based on commonly used application types.

Vector Editor

  • Integrated into the thumbnail view, the Vector Editor allows imagery and elevation data to be used as reference while vectors are being created or edited.

3-D Editor

  • Allows for the addition, editing (position, scale, and orientation), and deletion of 3D models.

Icon-based Library

  • Simplifies the selection of both 3D models and 3D textures.

Rule-based Construction

  • The user defines how functions are executed in the database by mapping data attributes to functions.
  • Project construction becomes user independent.
  • Existing projects can act as templates, thereby allowing less experienced users to produce complex databases.
  • Changing source material resolution does not require re-starting the entire project Building with Terra Vista Blocks.
  • Single neighborhood or entire earth can be built with one project.
  • Individual blocks can be updated independently of the others.
  • Blocks require fewer system resources to produce databases.
  • Blocks provide superior data, system, and power tolerance.