Which Terra Vista Product Is Right For Me?


Feature or Function

Terra Vista

Terra Vista Pro

Terra Vista DART

Import/Output CDB X X X
Output AI.implant X X X
Output MetaFlight X X X
Output OpenFlight X X X
Output TerraPage X X X
Vector Editor X X X
Bridge Wizard X X X
Building Wizard X X X
Buildings with Interior Wizard X X X
Blend/Feather Imagery X X X
SAF/CGF and SEDRIS Output Enabled*   X X
Correlated Outputs   X X
Correlated Elevation Output   X X
Vector Output   X X
Variable LOD   X X
Two Back-end Build Instances   X X
MMB Controller Module Included   X X
Elevation Editor   X X
Elevation Sets   X X
Generate Elevation   X X
Source File Path Editor   X X
Script Interface   X X
Picture Output   X X
VPF Importer   X X
Import AutoCAD DWG/DXF     X
Import CTDB     X
Import JCATS     X
Import OpenFlight     X
Import OTF     X
Import SEDRIS     X
Import TerraPage     X
Smart Vectors     X
UHRB XML to OpenFlight     X
Multi-threaded Import     X
DFAD Output     X
Four Back-end Build Instances     X

*Output compiler required