OTF-Compliant Databases

Terra Vista Pro and Terra Vista DART from Presagis are ideal for creating highly detailed and correlated Objective Terrain Format (OTF) compliant databases for OneSAF Objective System (OOS) runtime environments. The power of Terra Vista enables users to rapidly create vertexlevel correlated terrain databases that meet all of their virtual terrain creation requirements.

Generate an OTF from new source data

The OTF Attribute pass in Terra Vista enables the quick establishment of EDM feature attributes assigned to the feature . Users can also quickly apply or change attribution with the robust Attribute Template function and/or Assign Attributes processing pass.

Generate an OTF from the reuse of legacy databases

With Terra Vista DART, users can import a wide range of legacy database formats and can generate correlated OTF database.

Generate an OTF and CTDB in a single process 

With Terra Vista, users can generate an OTF and CTDB in a single build, resulting in an explicitly correlated OTF, CTDB, and visual terrain database.

Generate an OTF and other CGF format that are correlated 

While users may have to conduct two builds as a result of compatibility limitations between formats, the resulting constructs are correlated and can be generated from a single project, which ensures strong to explicit correlation (depending on the other CGF format) with the OTF database.

Generate ultra high resolution buildings (UHRBs)

Terra Vista offers a wide range of methods for using UHRBs, including:

  • importing a UHRB xml file
  • importing an Open Flight model that has a corresponding UHRB xml file
  • using the U2MG plug-in to automatically generate UHRBs during the build
  • any combination of these methods