5 Reasons for Choosing Terra Vista

Terra Vista from Presagis has all of the essential features required for the development of the most basic to the most sophisticated terrain applications. In addition to providing the highest level of correlation in a wide range of industry formats, Terra Vista also ensures support, through the use of ‘common source' and ‘common processing', for all major SAF/CGF formats, including OneSAF, CTDB, and JSAF. Users can also achieve rapid database construction through an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), rules-based construction methods, template-based automation, parametric modeling techniques, and expert systems-assisted configuration.


Vertex Level Correlation

Terra Vista TerraPageTerra Vista is the leading terrain generation tool on the market with the highest level of correlation between SAF and visual databases. This level of correlation is achieved through internally developed SAF and Visual output compilers.  These compilers use a single terrain representation that ensures vertex level correlation between multiple SAF formats, such as OTF, CTDB, VBS2, and JCATS, and visual formats, such as OpenFlight and TerraPage. In addition, since Presagis develops all of the SAF and Visual output compilers internally and does not rely on 3rd party APIs, Terra Vista customers are able to execute a single database build for multiple outputs without sacrificing vertex level correlation.


Presagis Portfolio Integration - M&S Suite

Terra Vista OTF Ai.implantTerra Vista can now parametrically create complex 3D buildings and bridges from standard GIS source data using Creator Wizards, as well as edit and save 3D models by launching Presagis Creator directly from Terra Vista. This unique integration allows Terra Vista users the ability to create various models, bridge designs, and customized buildings with various roof styles. 

Presagis is committed to the on-going integration of Creator and Terra Vista as part of  an integrated workflow for the M&S community. As a result, Terra Vista customers will continue to benefit from the many functions and features already available in Creator with the release of future versions of Terra Vista. 

Terra Vista also integrates with several other Presagis products and can generate Vega Prime and AI.implant ready output.


Faster Processing and Reduced Build Times

The Terra Vista Multi-Machine Build (MMB) capability allows for the distribution of very large, complex, and dense terrain databases within a networked environment for faster processing and reduced build times. With MMB, visual and SAF databases can be distributed to multiple compute nodes on a network with a single execution of the tool. Unlike other terrain tools on the market, Terra Vista has been tested and fielded with the capability to generate databases of 100+ GeoCells distributed to 256 individual compute processes with a single execution.


Widest Import/Export Options

Terra Vista OneSAFTerra Vista also has more import and export capabilities than any other tool on the market. For the compilation of numerous visual and SAF formats, Terra Vista is able to import a wide range of GIS data formats and specifications for use as source data for the creation of complex visual and SAF databases. Terra Vista DART also has the unique capability to import existing visual and SAF formats for reuse. With Terra Vista DART, users are able to import existing legacy databases, such as OTF, CTDB, JCATS, and OpenFlight, and to then deconstruct the SAF or visual format back into usable GIS source data. This allows users to either update and reuse existing static databases with new content or to output to other correlated SAF/visual formats without having to re-create the entire database from scratch.  


Support for Open Standards and Formats

To maximize reusability and to help lower user costs, Terra Vista also supports and embraces open standards, including OpenFlight and Common Database (CDB).