Terra Vista

Today’s simulations require high-fidelity correlated terrain at multiple levels-of-detail (LOD) across a wide range of image-generators and network simulation standards.

With its proven track-record, Presagis Terra Vista is the terrain generation software that gives integrators and database developers the tools they need to handle everything from the extreme scales required for jet simulation to the high LOD necessary for tactical ground applications.

In addition, this single, feature-rich generation solution supports a wide range of industry-standard data formats.  As a result, Terra Vista is ideal for building database environments for ground, air, maritime, sensor, urban, and military operations in urban terrain.

Terra Vista also offers native support for the Presagis TerraPage and OpenFlight® visual formats and DTED, ASCII, Geo-Tiff, ECW, and Shapefile source data formats.  The product also supports several, separately sold, optional output compilers including CTDB, JSAF and JCATS. OTF is an option and is sold separately from TV Pro or DART  . In addition to an extensive library of 3D static models and textures, Terra Vista also has an integrated 3D viewer that allows you to fly through your built terrain to easily create screen shots or record videos. The tool also offers Parametric Modeling and Artificial Intelligence technology that reviews your source data and recommends the optimum configuration of your database parameters for faster and more accurate project setup. 

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Terra Vista

Key Features

Scalable Multi-Machine Build Capabilities

Native 64-bit and scalable Multi-Machine Build capabilities handle large and dense visual, sensor, and Computer Generated Forces terrain databases.

Import Data Formats

Import a wide range of Geographic  Information Systems (GIS) and source data formats, including DTED, ASCII, Geo-Tiff, ECW, and Shapefile.

Output Compilers Included

Terra Vista includes OpenFlight, TerraPage, VBS2, VBS3, CDB, CTDB, JSAF, SEDRIS.JCATS, and OTF* with output compilers for exhaustive compatibility.

* (OTF is an option and is sold separately).

Accurate Database Correlation

Use Terra Vista to accurately correlate visual, sensor,  as well as Computer Generated Forces and other databases.

Combine Cultural Features

Easily combine geo-specific and geo-typical cultural features and rapidly generate geo-typical scenery for areas outside a mission’s main area of interest.

Variable Levels-Of-Detail

To reduce both cost and development time and ensure required high levels-of-detail for targeted areas, users can generate variable levels-of-detail on a per block basis within a single database.

Integration With Creator

Features tight integration with Presagis Creator for efficient end-to-end database creation.

Professional Support and Services

Expert Support provides database developers with the support necessary to tackle the toughest projects.


Comprehensive Toolset

Elevation and vector editing tools

Provides built-in elevation and vector editing tools to speed up the correction of source data materials.

Rule-based construction

  • Project construction becomes user independent
  • Existing projects can act as templates, thereby allowing less experienced users to produce complex databases
  • Single neighborhood or entire earth can be built with one project
  • Individual blocks can be updated independently of the others

Export formats

Supports the highest number of standard export formats in the industry and offers 400+ projections for those formats.

Optional plug-ins

Support for optional plug-ins allows export to JANUS, JCATS, OTF*/ OneSAF/ OOS, JSAF, and other SAF/CGF systems.  *(OTF is an option and is sold separately) . 

Integrated viewer

For visually updating the position/orientation/scale of 3D models, for placing/scaling/orient new models, for scaling/rotating/replacing textures, and for modifying vectors features and their attributes.


Auto-generate airport runways from DAFIF data, use Complex Sections to create complex 3D roads and rivers, and employ SmartVectors to scatter theme-based models.

Seamless migration

Move your legacy 3D databases to new formats or upgrade them with new information without effecting the correlation of the existing data.