Creator Pro

Creator Pro is a 3D modeling software tool that provides the added capabilities necessary to create high-fidelity areas-of-interest. 

Containing all of the benefits of Presagis Creator plus many advanced features, including the Buildings with Interior Wizard and Creator Road Tools, Creator Pro is ideal for tackling complex modeling problems.

The interactive and intuitive tools in Creator Pro allow you to create high-fidelity models using polygonal modeling and texture application. With these tools, you can easily build 3D models that are free of artifacts and anomalies and are optimized for real-time synthetic environments. Creator Pro also allows you to correct and tune a wide variety of models imported from CAD or any other animation software. In addition, you can greatly reduce development time by leveraging vector data processing capabilities created in Creator Pro to re-generate similar scenes for multiple rendering engines. This software solution also automatically creates and places fully textured, colored models on the terrain surface.

Creator Airport Builder Creator 

Create detailed buildings and building interiors in minutes

The Creator Buildings with Interior Wizard allows you to import a building plan in a variety of image formats to use as a footprint for the building. Once the floor plan has been imported, you can draw walls and place doors, windows, stairs, and even furniture with full control over the location and size of these elements. Using the wall tool, walls ‘snap’ to 90 degree angles, making it easy to quickly create complex layouts. You can also specify whether doors will swing in or out, and the select tool allows you to select one or multiple doors, walls, and/or windows at a time. The tool comes with hundreds of different textures and 3-D models that are useful for creating realistic exteriors and interiors. You can also easily add your own textures and models to create a unique look.

In addition to the visual representation (polygonal geometry) of a building, the Buildings with Interior Wizard can export models to other popular formats, including UHRB (Ultra High Resolution Building) and MES (Multiple Elevation Structure).



Core Features

Powerful modeling tools

Powerful tools for polygonal modeling and terrain modeling applications.

Buildings with Interior Wizard

Quickly generate building models with interiors that can easily be customized and used in several visual, SAF, and gaming environments.

Creator Road Tools

Generate ready-to-run roads and road networks that integrate into your terrain and synthetic environments, fully optimized for real-time visual simulation applications.

Batch Mode Creator Script

Creator Pro customers can save a significant amount of time by running their custom scripts in batch mode across multiple OpenFlight files.

Two tessellation types

Creator Pro offers both Delauney and Polymesh tessellation types.

Multiple sources of data

Use data from USGS and NIMA or data created from images.

Elevation file formats

Automated visual importation and processing of a variety of elevation file formats.