M&S Suite 16

M&S Suite 16 provides an open-standard simulation development framework designed to support a full range of simulation applications across the air, land, sea, and public safety market segments. Each product in the Suite features significant enhancements that support the Presagis focus on high-fidelity, higher-quality visuals.

In a world where terrorist attacks and asymmetric wars are prevalent, Defense organizations need to remain one step ahead to prevail. They need to maintain technical and mental superiority over the enemy. Readiness and Training gives them their edge.

Sensor vision is one of the most important advantages in today’s battlefield. It allows warfighters and intelligence collectors to see further and better than the enemy in reduced visual environments. Sensor training has become an important part of today’s simulator requirements.  Ondulus Radar 16 adds MTI and Strip SAR modes as well as enhanced HLA support.

High-fidelity and immersive databases are at the heart of the Presagis expertise. Creator and Terra Vista 16 users will discover the new unified material classification workflow, which will allow for easy sensorization of both 3D models and terrains. In addition, Terra Vista 16 now integrates new procedural generation tools to allow you to quickly build large urban environments.