VAPS XT for Embedded Systems

VAPS XT for Embedded Systems is a complete deployment tool that contains all of the capabilities of VAPS XT Developer as well as source code libraries, sample code, and utilities that facilitate the retargeting of VAPS XT HMIs to a variety of real-time embedded systems.

Due to the optimizations provided by CODE nGEN, VAPS XT for Embedded Systems is ideal for the development of executables deployed within embedded systems with reduced memory capabilities.

VAPS XT for Embedded Systems provides all the components of VAPS XT Developer plus the following functionality:

  • CODE nGEN sources for retargeting HMI applications to real-time, embedded systems,
  • automatic sample compilation and linking of makefile, sample main program, ported VAPS XT libraries, and generated code for producing a stand-alone and portable application executable.