VAPS XT Developer

VAPS XT Developer contains all of the functionality of VAPS XT Designer as well as automatic code generation capabilities using CODE nGEN.

VAPS XT Developer is primarily oriented for the rapid prototyping, designing, specification, and deployment of HMIs on a PC workstation in both simulation and embedded development environments. Ideal for any applications requiring high performance and high quality graphics, such as cockpit avionics, VAPS XT Developer is especially suited for applications that will be retargeted to real-time, embedded target systems. 

CODE nGEN allows you to rapidly produce executables that have been optimized for minimal memory footprint, minimal initialization time, and maximum screen refresh frequency. CODE nGEN applications have been ported to several types of hardware platforms (processor and graphics library), as well as to COTS and proprietary Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

VAPS XT Developer includes all of the components of VAPS XT Designer plus the following functionality:

  • CODE nGEN to produce VAPS XT application executables,
  • CODE nGEN compiled libraries for development platform.