SeaWind-178 OpenGL Drivers

DO-178B Certifiable Software Drivers for the embedded market.

Built from the ground up following stringent DO-178B guidelines, SeaWind-178 Certifiable Graphics Software can be certified up to Design Assurance Level A, the highest level possible.

The SeaWind/178 family of products is based on the OpenGL SC 1.0 API and includes additional optional modules that support specific application requirements, including video, windowing, digital maps, and custom APIs. This modular set of components allows customers to purchase and certify only the software they actually need, thereby minimizing the memory footprint of the software as well as the amount of software that must be certified on the customer device.

Presagis is the first vendor to offer a COTS OpenGL SC 1.0 API-compliant graphics driver for safety-critical embedded environments. The SeaWind-178 product family, together with its complement of services and experienced staff, supports the entire software lifecycle needs of its customers, from requirements and design to the certification process, including a software and hardware certification kit for the S3 2300E GPU.

SeaWind-178 certifiable graphics software has been specifically developed to provide optimal performance for each supported graphics system architecture, and Presagis has developed a set of certification tools and artifacts that can be customized for a specific program. By running tests on actual (or representative) system hardware, the set of artifacts provided at the conclusion of a program can be presented to the certifying authority as evidence of the certifiability of this component of the system. When avionics manufacturers use Presagis COTS OpenGL graphics driver software, they reduce cost, minimize risk, and free themselves to focus on their core business.

Program List



Abrams Tank
Bradley FV
B-2 Upgrade
VH-71 - VxWorks 653
UH-60M - LynxOS-178
F-35 - INTEGRITY-178
C-130AMP - VxWorks 653
KC767 Tanker - LynxOS-178
NASA SVIS - LynxOS-178
LAMPS - VxWorks 653
MCAP Apache Block III - INTEGRITY-178
CAAS - LynxOS-178
Boeing B-1B - VxWorks 5.5Cert


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