COTS software drivers for the embedded market.

The rising customer demand for embedded products with capabilities available only, until recently, on desktop systems has forced embedded engineers to enhance the capabilities of their real-time systems. To meet this demand, Presagis offers production-quality source and object code for an OpenGL API-capable X11R6 environment that is compatible with real-time system constraints. Presagis implements the open-standard OpenGL-under-X (GLX) specification or the EGL 1.4 specification, providing full OpenGL API capabilities in the X Window System environment. Designed from the beginning for portability, Presagis SeaWind X Window System products run on a wide range of processors, real-time operating systems, and graphics devices.

OpenGL implementations from Presagis are built to optimize graphics rendering using the acceleration capabilities of the GPUs provided by its graphics-device partners. In addition to running on a wide variety of platforms, SeaWind X Window System products work with development tools provided by many real-time operating system vendors, including Wind River Systems, Lynuxworks, and Green Hills Software. 

Built with the needs of embedded-systems developers in mind, the SeaWind X Window System client software from Presagis

  • is fully re-entrant, minimizing memory footprint and allowing multiple applications to execute simultaneously,
  • is built to avoid taking semaphores when the locus of control enters and exits the library, which increases performance by virtually eliminating contention for resources,
  • is carefully designed to avoid memory leaks and includes code to release memory and file descriptors when the X Window System application terminates, helping to reduce memory usage and system overhead as compared to other X Window System implementations,
  • supports direct mode, where X protocol is not generated but OpenGL rendering software is directly invoked in the server. Because performance is critical for most embedded systems, direct mode significantly reduces system and X Window System overhead, thereby helping to streamline graphics performance in embedded systems.

The most recent generation of SeaWind drivers supports developments in APIs that provide OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL SC 1.0 support. OpenGL ES 2.0 support targets a system that requires the creation of “shader programs” that execute on the GPU, providing enormous flexibility to the developer but that will not otherwise generate any graphics on the screen.  OpenGL SC 1.0 support is an API targeted at the Safety Critical community that provides a restricted set of calls that are more appropriate for this type of application.

Program List



Abrams Tank
Bradley FV
B-2 Upgrade
VH-71 - VxWorks 653
UH-60M - LynxOS-178
F-35 - INTEGRITY-178
C-130AMP - VxWorks 653
KC767 Tanker - LynxOS-178
NASA SVIS - LynxOS-178
LAMPS - VxWorks 653
MCAP Apache Block III - INTEGRITY-178
CAAS - LynxOS-178
Boeing B-1B - VxWorks 5.5Cert
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