Presagis Standard Licensing

Presagis standard licensing model comprises four fundamental elements: software licenses and associated maintenance, support, and services.

Depending on your geographic location you can purchase software directly from Presagis or through our channel of trusted partners.  U.S. Government customers can also benefit from purchase via the General Service Administration (GSA) Schedule.

Software Licensing

Most Presagis software licenses are perpetual licenses, which entitle you to use the relevant functionality for an unlimited period, and are available either as a:

  • Floating license
    A license key that is physically located on a server and is made available to a client (computer) over a network.
  • Fixed license
    A license key that is physically located on a single computer and can only be run on this computer.
  • Dongle License
    For certain Presagis products, another option is the use of dongles to run Presagis software on any computer(s) from licenses associated with the dongle. This small USB device can be plugged into any system, home or work, permitting maximum flexibility.
  • End-User Application License
    For certain Presagis products, purchase of a run-time license that provides the user with the rights to use the software in an end-user application for commercial gain is also available. 

Site Licensing and Volume/Product Bundle Discounts

Presagis also offers flexible licensing options for customers purchasing numerous Presagis products, or our software in larger quantities for use in or across an organization.  For more details about these licensing options please contact our sales department.

Maintenance:  Upgrades & Support

To ensure customers can optimize their use of our software Presagis offers dedicated software maintenance. Maintenance customers benefit from the Presagis Customer Support and Product Upgrades & Service Packs:

  • Customer Support includes telephone/email access to our staff of Technical Support Specialists, as well as access to the Presagis Customer Portal where you have 24/7 visibility into your cases, maintenance status, the Presagis Knowledge Base and more.
  • Product Upgrades and Updates include access to most recent releases of software including physical shipments and/or access to the Download Area of the Customer Portal.

Alternative Licensing Models

Presagis also offers alternative licensing models for certain products to meet the unique needs of our enterprise customers. These models include a software rental option or subscription-based licenses that may be more applicable to shorter term or temporary development projects for large deployments.  Please contact our sales department for more details about these alternative models.