Wind River

Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop and run device software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River Platforms are pre-integrated, fully standardized enterprise-wide development solutions. They reduce effort, cost and risk, and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process from concept to deployed product.

Wind River Partner Validation Program

To succeed in today's highly competitive global environment, device manufacturers must develop innovative, high-quality products that are delivered on time and on budget. This means maximizing development efficiencies and leveraging every possible advantage.

Presagis is proud to be a part of the new Wind River Partner Validation Program.

The Wind River Partner Validation Program offers a pre-integrated software and hardware ecosystem that helps solve the increasingly important business issues of reducing time-to-market, achieving cost savings, and realizing successful project deployment. The program includes industry-leading application-specific partner software technologies and middleware that have been integrated with the latest release of VxWorks or Wind River Linux operating systems and embedded board vendor offerings.

By using pre-integrated key software and board-level components, equipment providers can spend more time on developing differentiated features than integrating third-party technologies, reducing overall project risk and ultimately accelerating product deployments.

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