Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) have rapidly evolved and grown into new civilian markets, including agriculture, enterprise, disaster response, homeland security, and police work.

Thanks to a proven track record in aerospace and defense simulation software, Presagis has kept pace with UVS evolution. The Modeling & Simulation Suite 14 development framework provides the tools, performance, and flexibility that are uniquely suited to the challenges of delivering effective UVS simulators and instructor-operator stations.

With M&S Suite 14, UVS integrators and developers can:

  • Integrate the massive, correlated databases required for large-scale training platforms
  • Create high-performance computer generated forces for training scenarios
  • Generate game-quality visuals
  • Simulate precision sensor effects
  • Automate level-of-detail (LOD) management for a range of UAV views.
  • With VAPS XT, integrate sophisticated, interactive displays and overlays.

Solutions for UVS Simulation

Design (Research & Development)

  • UAV Prototype Test-Bed
  • UAV Regulatory Test-Bed
  • UVS Controller Station Human Factors


  • UAV Pilot Operator Trainer
  • UAV Payload Operator Trainer