First Response & Security

With increased instances of global unrest and climate instability, governments and agencies are facing new and unique challenges every day.  When a disaster strikes, any number of essential sectors and services can be impacted, including telecommunications, oil & gas, electricity, infrastructure, information networks, water, and transportation.

Providing a robust suite of tools and technologies for simulating a rich variety of large scale security scenarios, Presagis solutions help end-users to:

  • Coordinate disparate teams, including  safety personnel, emergency management, National Guard, and the military
  • Make better decisions
  • Develop a framework for  systematic, coordinated responses to emergencies
  • Train and educate
  • Optimize performance
  • Gain insight into different strategies
  • Accurately simulate large-scale scenarios and population evacuations
  • Employ highly-realistic visual imagery and artificial intelligence to provide even greater realism
  • Better identify vulnerabilities, assess threats, and refine tactics