Defense & Aerospace

Today’s Defense & Aerospace manufacturers face the dual challenge of shrinking budgets and rising standards. Modern forces require new, razor-sharp training experiences that deliver realism, flexibility, and interoperability on a greater scale than ever.

Presagis, a longtime leader in defense and simulation software, offers an end-to-end suite of defense-proven tools that help integrators and developers tackle even the most complex projects with confidence. Presagis has carefully designed and refined its scalable, open architecture technology to help lower the cost and time required to deliver precision content and complex mission scenarios – in the air or on the ground.

Solutions for Defense & Aerospace

  • Aviation Test-Bed
Training (Air)
  • Fixed Wing Pilot Operator Trainer (FFS)
  • Fixed Wing Tactical Trainer (FMS)
  • Rotary Pilot Operator Trainer (FFS)
  • Rotary Tactical Trainer (FMS)
  • Embedded Pilot Operator Trainer
  • UAV Pilot Operator Trainer
  • UAV Payload Operator Trainer
Training (Ground)
  • (Combat) Ground Vehicle Operator Trainer
  • Ground Vehicle Tactical Trainer
  • Ground Vehicle Gunnery Trainer
Content Creation
  • 3D Asset Modeling
  • Terrain Generation