With years of experience and unmatched expertise, Presagis leads in Modeling & Simulation for the aerospace and defense industry by delivering reliable, high fidelity solutions that meet their stringent requirements.  By offering an open, customizable portfolio, Presagis solutions also fit the needs of a variety of complementary industries, including Unmanned Systems, First Response & Security, and Academia & Research.

Built on a defense-proven track-record, M&S15 is uniquely suited for integration and deployment.  Highlights for all industries include:

  • A complete tool suite that covers everything from content creation and scenario and instrumentation development to simulation runtimes.
  • A standards-based, open platform with well-documented APIs that enables easy customization and integration with other tools and technologies.
  • A modular simulation development framework that allows integrators to innovate and focus on adding value.
  • High-performance, game-quality graphics that deliver exceptional realism.
  • Expert Professional Services and Support that help developers tackle the most complex projects with confidence.