Recruitment Process

Presagis wants to be sure you understand all of the steps of our hiring process.

We have provided you with an overview of what to expect when applying for a position at our company.  We follow a standard Recruitment Process in the evaluation of potential candidates for open positions.

This process has been outlined for your information so that you will know what to expect every step of the way - from the submission of your application through to the interview process and final decision making by the Presgis team.

Recruitment Process


Submission of your application:

You can access the application form from the “Available Positions “ section of our web site,  It consists of questions related to your education, skills and professional experience.

We strongly advise you to apply via the internet and not mail in your application because:

  • You will receive acknowledgement of your application to Presagis so that you will know that your candidacy will be considered.
  • You can be sure your application will reach the right member of our Human Resources (HR) team that is managing recruitment for the position you are interested in.

Review of your application:

The HR will review your application to see if your background and experience are the right fit for the position.  Every application is carefully reviewed so that each candidate is considered based on their strengths and weaknesses relative to the requirements for the job.

  • Successful applications will be passed on to the interview phase of the recruitment process.
  • Unsuccessful applications will be kept on file for consideration for future job postings.  

Recruitment Process


Individual Review

The Presagis recruitment process is based on individual interviews with candidates.  HR will meet with you in person or by telephone (depending on your individual situation) for an exploratory interview.  This interview allows the recruiter to get a sense of who you are as a person and what your work motivations and goals are so that these can be put in context of position and the company as a whole.

After the first interview the HR determines which candidates will pass on to further stages of the process and which applications will be kept on file for consideration for future job postings.

One or more Interviews

Candidates that have successfully completed the Individual Interview may participate in one, or more, additional interviews.  These will take place with additional members of the Presagis team including your potential Supervisor.

During these interviews you will be evaluated on your professional or technical expertise and your candidacy in long-term perspective for Presagis.

Tests & Exercises:

In some countries and/or for some positions, interviews will be complemented by candidates completing targeted tests and/or exercises designed to further evaluate your competency for the position.


Recruitment Process


Decision Process

Following the final interview, all members of the HR and Presagis team that met with you will discuss your candidacy and suitability for the position.  A decision will be made based on the outcomes of these discussions.
Unsuccessful candidates will be notified and your application will be kept on file for consideration for future job postings.

Checking References

Selected candidates will then be requested to provide references.  HR will fully explain and outline Presagis reference requirements to all selected candidates during the interview process.

Note: This reference process may vary depending on the hiring office location.

Recruitment Process

Welcome Aboard!

The Presagis Welcome and Introductory Program varies slightly from country to country however a new hire can typically expect a first day of welcome to the company including:

  • Review of your position and day-to-day responsibilities with HR and your new Manager
  • An office tour and introduction to other members of the Presagis team
  • A training session about Presagis, our products and technology

The goal of this Program is to help you become familiar with the company, your colleagues and work environment as quickly as possible.  We want you to become comfortable in your daily role and surroundings  as quickly as possible.