Hear from Presagis Employees

The best way to learn what it's really like to be a part of the Presagis team is to hear from the people who know best : our employees.

"The company allows everyone at all levels to acquire new skills and knowledge of the COTS industry while experiencing a team spirit straight from the heart."  - Manager

"Presagis is an excellent place to work.  We constantly challenge each other to push the boundaries of technology, and we get to work with world-class customers that are really innovating the way the world looks at modeling & simulation." – Vice-President

"I’ve been here for over 10 years and the main reason I like working at Presagis is because of the sense of teamwork. If an employee needs help with an issue, his/her colleagues won’t hesitate to pitch in to get it resolved. The people are friendly and easy-going and when the going gets tough, the team pulls together to get the job done."  – Administrative Support

"The working environment at Presagis is creative and dynamic. The company is large enough to have resources for researching and developing leading edge technologies, and also small enough to be agile and fun. It is the nature of our business to breed and appreciate creativity which keeps everyone engaged and closely involved with our own product development and our customers’ interests." – Field Application Engineer

"I like working at Presagis because it allows me to travel around the world. There is also an atmosphere of comraderie and friendship among all of the employees including Patrice (the president)." - Technical Consultant

"Presagis is the perfect place for me because it offers an incredibly challenging environment where I can perfect my skills. There is a wealth of knowledge in my fellow employees and I’m constantly learning from my peers. The work is on the cutting edge and there is no shortage of new ideas to explore. In short, at Presagis there is never a dull moment."  – Senior Software Developer

"I’ve been here for years but there’s always something new going on, and something new to learn. The work is challenging, the industry is interesting, and the people are great! It’s wonderful to be encouraged to bring my unique abilities to the table and not expected to be just another cookie-cutter employee. Also, it’s nice to be part of an organization that is mature and stable." - Director

"Working in the marketing department lets me use a wide range of skills I gained at school in the last few years, and that makes me feel like it’s the best way to realize my potential." - Marketing Communications Associate

"The thing I enjoy most about working at Presagis is our customers and their ingenuity. At Presagis we make software tools which can be used for a variety of purposes. After many years at the company I am still often amazed at the tasks undertaken and projects accomplished using our tools. From hands-on applications such as teaching a person to fly an aircraft or a technician to fix a broken part, to design applications including the improvement of roads and subways to better move traffic or planning a new dashboard for a car, and even more remote uses such as automated satellite docking in space. It is very rewarding to know that our tools are helping our clients solve complex and often dangerous real-life situations." – Field Application Engineer

"The simulation world is endless in possibilities which makes my work at Presagis always challenging and different from one task to the other." - Technical Consultant

"Presagis is the best imaginable company to work for and I’m not saying that lightly. My fellow employees feel more like family than co-workers. They have helped me to grow in my career by sharing their incredible industry knowledge. This isn’t your typical company where employees quit after a few years to find other employment. As a result the employees here really know what they are doing. I have learned far more at Presagis than I could have ever dreamed. I started working for Presagis directly out of College and was able to immediately put the theory to practice. Best of all, the tasks I work on fit my interests perfectly. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better environment to work in."  – Senior Software Developer

"After 13 years of work at Presagis, every new projects that I am involved with feels fresh. Whether it’s working with a new product feature or technology, or seeing how our products can be applied to a new market, the work is always highly interesting and challenging. It is also always a great pride to see final applications that  customers have created with our products." – Senior Application Developer

"We have a great Support Team and Management who have created a good working atmosphere. The work is not repetitive and everyday brings new things that are interesting as well as challenging. I am able to interact and exchange ideas with a huge set of customers." - Technical Support Specialist

"The job is rewarding, the technology is exciting and I find that I am still learning something new every day!"- Manager

"I always think that I have been the luckiest student to end up at Presagis. I try to think of what would have been a better job for me but I come up short!  When you get weekly challenges, when you get opportunity to be exposed to customers, and when you get to work in a small and dynamic company (that is also part of a strong and powerful public organization), everyday is exciting." - Field Application Engineer

"Presagis provides me the tools I need to directly affect the quality of the end product while at the same time providing me with the flexibility to provide creative solutions that are evaluated on their merit in front of a group of my peers." - Director

"I like working at Presagis because of the challenges it offers in solving customer problems. I get a lot of satisfaction developing software products that help customers get complex jobs done and helping them to overcome difficult problems. I also value the camaraderie formed at all levels in the company, within my specific product group, and between other product and organizational groups as well. It really is a team effort to produce quality software in the M&S industry."   - Manager