Presagis is a dynamic company looking for talented and excited individuals that want to contribute to our growing organization.  Whether you are in the market  for a full-time position or an internship, Presagis provides opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels. 


Presagis is proud of our innovative and creative workplace which attracts the best and brightest. Our employees thrive on the discovery of new opportunities and the excitement of solving problems and working collaboratively with colleagues to deliver solutions that serve our customers’ needs while pushing the boundaries of technology. 

Presagis employees are at the root of our success. We have a vision of the future and believe that every employee contributes to it becoming a reality.  In nurturing the creativity, intelligence, and passion of our people around the world we ensure that our organization flourishes and that our employees continually grow in their roles.

If you enjoy a fast-paced, challenging and deeply rewarding work experience, I’d like you to consider Presagis.



About Presagis 

Presagis is an industry leader in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation, and embedded graphics software.    Presagis serves more than 1,000 customers in over 60 countries worldwide , including many of the world's most respected organizations such as Airbus, BAE System, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many more.

Our company is based on 30 years of industry leading innovation and technology development. With worlwide offices, including those located in Montreal, Orlando, Paris and San Jose, Presagis offers diverse and exciting employment opportunities.

Founded in 2007, Presagis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAE. 



Life @ Presagis

At Presagis, we offer a dynamic entrepreneurial culture that enables our employees to make the most of their talents. Everyone, at every level, is encouraged to express their thoughts and to pool their brainpower to solve both business challenges and to meet personal career goals.

In our casual, team-oriented work environment every individual has the opportunity to contribute to business success, and is valued for his/her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives.

Learn more about our:

Employee Activities

Presagis encourages fun and comraderie in the workplace, whether it  be playing foosball in the cafeteria or participating at regularly scheduled events planned by the social committee.  Our goal is to create an environment  that promotes both community and corporate spirit . 

Employees are encouraged to take the time to participate in charity drives,  the employee breakfast club, or other events including our annual summer BBQ, holiday party, and children’s event.


Work Environment

Presagis believes that a visually appealing work environment is important to the well-being of our team and to creating a work place that stimulates creativity and innovation.  Presagis offices around the world have been designed with this philosophy in mind - using sleek, ergonomic design and architectural details.


Presagis & the Arts

Our Montreal facility also takes full advantage of the  "Canada Council Artbank" so that our offices reflect the diversity and creativity of the vibrant city in which it is located. Major art works by Canadian modern and post-modern artists, including General Idea, N. E. Thing Company, Liliana Berezowsky, and Paul Béliveau among many others, have been pulled from collections and now hang throughout the facility for our employees to appreciate on a daily basis. 

Training & Development

To remain a leader in our industry, Presagis relies on motivated and qualified employees that are committed to maintaining their skills.  As an organization, it is part of our responsibility to ensure our employees are able to develop their knowledge on an ongoing basis.  We invest in the development of our team to ensure our employees continue to grow in their fields of expertise and that the organization remains on the cutting edge of technology.

Involved Management

The growth of our business is directly linked to the success of our employees.  The Presagis leadership team thrives on action and challenges.  We work to build an environment based on creativity and innovation.  

A key goal of the Presagis management team is to:

  • Work with employees on growth and development by providing honest and direct feedback; as well as to provide ongoing coaching.
  • Build strong global teams, promote collaboration, and foster partnering across functions, geographies, and business segments.
  • Help in delivering projects and removing any obstacles to getting the job done.
  • Remain customer focused so that all work has our users in mind so that our efforts continue to exceed customer needs


Employees with diverse backgrounds are key to Presagis success because differing approaches to work and ways of solving problems ensures we continue to offer innovative and imaginative solutions to the market. Presagis employees come from all across the world and speak many languages.  From the enthusiastic university intern to our seasoned developers and sales people, our diversity helps Presagis stay close to its customers and ensures our ongoing growth as an organization.

Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action

Presagis administers its personnel policies and conducts its employment practices in a manner that treats each employee and applicant for employment on the basis of merit and experience, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, national origin, or other classification protected by applicable law. In addition, consistent with the Presagis culture and values, all employees are expected to treat one another in a manner that reflects dignity and respect.



Presagis prides itself on being an active participant in the communities in which our offices are located.  We support charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross and United Way, and work with our employees in fund raising activities for great causes that help people in need around the world.  

Our Montreal-based employees work on an annual campaign for Centraide, a local organization that helps more than 500,000 people per year that have limited income and struggle to support themselves and their families on a daily basis.   The Presagis team organizes raffles and other events that raise donations that help this great organization and the local community.


Join Our Team

At Presagis we are constantly looking for motivated individuals to join our team and contribute to our success:

Experienced Professionals

Whether you are interested in software development, consulting, sales,  marketing, finance, product management or another role, you will see that we work together in a collaborative environment, building on one another's brilliant ideas. We look for experienced professionals who are able to work as part of our team, who possess excellent organizational and communication skills, and who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Entry Level Employees

What better way to start of a career in the modeling and simulation industry than to become part of the Presagis team?  If you define your ideal employer as innovative, team oriented, committed to customer satisfaction, agile, global and fun, we may have an opportunity for you.  In our growing company you will be given the opportunity to take on new challenges and to expand your levels of knowledge and responsibility.


Presagis offers internships as part of our team building strategy.  As an intern, you will get hands-on experience working on actual projects, and the Presagis team you are working with will benefit from your fresh point of view.

Presagis seeks interns year round in our worldwide offices:

  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Paris, France
Note: Pay ranges vary depending on experience and education level.