2012 Presagis Awards Winners

Presagis is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 Presagis Awards, celebrating creative and innovative use of Presagis modeling & simulation software tools.

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Submissions in all categories were evaluated on content, supporting documentation, and criteria specific to each category. 

Winners all lead the way in terms of technical expertise and innovation in application development.

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This year's Presagis awards winners include:

2012 Presagis Awards Winners

Winning Projects

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CAE EngineeringBest 3D Model:

The ‘Best 3D Model’ Award is given to the organization that has developed the most visually impressive 3D model using Presagis Creator. The criteria for evaluation for this award include excellence in efficiency and appearance, as well as the model’s realism. This year’s ‘Best 3D Model’ Award recipient is CAE Engineering based in Budapest, Hungary.

The goal of this project was to provide realistic 3D models of ground vehicles used by the German Armed Forces based on the Common Database (CDB) Moving Model Specification. The set of models created allows the German Air Force to realistically represent tactical scenarios for CH-53GS pilots. The models are highly detailed while maintaining a very reasonable poly count. All models ship with three damage states, three or more levels of detail (LOD), functional weapon turrets, as well as paint options. By using Presagis Creator, the team was able to build a hierarchy of articulated parts and effortlessly generate a model structure that met all criteria of the CDB Moving Model Specification.


AEgis TechnologiesBest Database:

The ‘Best Database’ Award is given to the client or partner with the most sophisticated database created using Presagis 3D modeling and terrain generation software tools. The evaluation criteria for the award include visual appearance, size, and complexity of the database, as well as the number of formats generated and correlation. This year’s recipient is AEgis Technologies for their Virtual London 2012 Database, used by the United States Government and its allies in supporting the planning and security for the Olympic Games.

The goal of Virtual London 2012 was to provide a photorealistic, geo-specific database of the Greater London and surrounding areas for analysis and planning prior to and onsite security during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Using Presagis software tools, Terra Vista and Creator, the team at AEgis was able to construct a large-scale terrain database: over 2600 square kilometers with thousands of 3D models and shape files, including more than 300 high- and medium-fidelity custom 3D models. A feature that is interesting about Virtual London 2012 is the inclusion of the London Underground Tube. The delivered database put London and its surrounding areas at the fingertips of the United States Government and its allies to plan and prepare for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.


Ecole de Technologie SuperieureBest Simulation Application:     

The ‘Best Simulation Application’ Award recognizes the organization that used Presagis software tools to develop the most reliable, robust, and innovative simulation application.

This year’s recipient of the ‘Best Simulation Application’ Award is Ecole de Technologie Superieure, LARCASE (Research Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and AeroservoElasticity), for their creation of a business aircraft simulation model using Presagis FlightSIM.

The application enables the user to quickly model and create flight dynamics for an aircraft by considering only a small amount of the geometrical data as input.

The level of performance obtained using this methodology for both the preliminary aircraft design process, as well as the simulation itself, is reliable and robust.


MakemediaBest Visualization Application:

The ‘Best Visualization Application’ Award is given to the client or partner whose application, built using Vega Prime, provides a high degree of realism and performance. To be eligible, the application must be deployable as an independent application. Additional criteria for evaluation include the scope of both the application and its configuration.

The Master Builder Association of Victoria’s Building Leadership Simulation Centre, delivered by Makemedia and located in Melbourne, Australia, was conceived using both digital and real life aspects to create the most realistic database with Presagis Creator and Vega Prime. This training experience was tailored for building site managers from international construction companies.

The project utilises simulation technology that has the capacity to reduce Occupational Health and Safety incidents, boost construction quality and reduce project costs. Building site managers receive a higher level of training at a faster rate by using a highly realistic, immersive environment.