2009 Presagis Awards Winners

200911awardslogobackslashPresagis is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Presagis Awards, recognizing the creativity and innovation of customers and partners using Presagis COTS software solutions.

Submissions in all categories were evaluated on content, supporting documentation, and criteria specific to each category.


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This year's Presagis awards winners include:



Most Innovative Application:awards_logo_vmt

Virtual Marine TechnologyThe “Most Innovative Application” award is given to the customer or partner who demonstrates the greatest innovation with Presagis tools. This innovation can be related to a new application of tools, to an emerging market, or to accomplishing something no one else has even considered.

The criteria for evaluating the “Most Innovative Application” include method of approach, real-world applicability, and uniqueness. This year’s recipient is Virtual Marine Technology (VMT) for their  SurvivalQuest Project that was developed to enable operators to practice lifeboat launching in a safe, simulated environment.

The goal of the project is to address lifeboat operator training deficiencies.  VMT’s SurvivalQuest simulator is a fully immersive lifeboat simulator that allows lifeboat coxswains to train for almost any evacuation scenario in a simulated environment.

A major challenge of the SurvivalQuest project was developing the hydrodynamic models required to accurately represent the performance of lifeboats in high sea states and subsequently presenting those models in a real-time simulation environment.  What sets lifeboat simulation apart from both flight and large ship simulations is the mathematical complexity required to accurately depict a lifeboat’s motion in waves.

To help address this challenge, VMT adopted Presagis Vega Prime Marine to deliver the required high-fidelity wave environment. Using Vega Prime Marine, VMT has created an immersive training environment that is as close to a real evacuation as any lifeboat coxswain will ever want to get.

Best 3D Model:awards_logo_realdb

RealDB Inc.The “Best 3D Model” award is given to the organization that has developed the best 3D models using Presagis Creator. The criteria of evaluation for this award includes an excellence in efficiency and appearance, as well as the realism of the models. This year’s “Best 3D Model” award recipient is RealDB Inc. for their Shahab-3 project.

RealDB is a worldwide provider of real-time visual products for military training and simulation.  The Shahab-3 is part of their library of on-line models available for direct download.

The goal of the Shahab-3 was to integrate in the same hierarchy all states, articulations, and missile stages that can be used with the Distributed Interactive Simulation Interoperability.  Using Creator, the team at RealDB created and developed the Shahab-3 to provide efficiency, performance and high realism in multiple real-time simulation applications.

The Shahab-3 includes a wide range of texture patterns, including camo, desert, green, and winter.  It also includes 4 LODs, as well as destroyed state, transport state, engagement state, degree of freedom, and missile stages with separated warhead.  In addition, the Shahab-3 model is plug-and-play with DIS and with operating systems using the OpenFlight file format.


Best Database:     awards_logo_bdesign

b.designThe “Best Database” award is given to the most sophisticated database created using Presagis Terra Vista tools. The criteria of evaluation for this award include visual appearance, size, and complexity of the database, number of formats generated, and correlation. This year’s recipient is b.design.

b.design is a leading independent provider of 3D visual content for the training and simulation industry. With over 20 years experience, they specialize in large geo-specific terrain databases, geo-specific city models, and realistic 3D buildings.

This award-winning database consists of a real urban environment that is used for Elbit’s Homeland Security (HLS) training and simulation systems.

The ultra high resolution visual database is used to train first responders in life-like Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) operations and crisis management. The challenge for this project was developing a large city model with high resolution imagery in which all buildings and landmarks were modeled and interactive.

To ensure that the simulation of the urban environment runs efficiently on a regular PC, the team used Terra Vista Probuilder to optimize the ultra high resolution model of the full city. In addition to Terra Vista, the team at b.design also employed Presagis Creator and Presagis Vega Prime.

Most Valuable Plug-in:     awards_logo_cmlabs

CMLabsThe “Most Valuable Plug-In or Application Based on a Presagis Product API” award is given to the customer or partner who adds the most valuable functionality to a Presagis solution using a software API or extension capability. The criteria for evaluation include the design of the new application or capability as well as its optimization and performance. This year’s recipient is CMLabs for their Vortex plug-in for Vega Prime.

Vortex for Vega Prime is a development platform for modeling physically accurate vehicles, articulated machinery, and robots for real-time simulation. It enables developers to deliver applications more effectively and features a rich toolset for creating fully interactive scenarios.

Tightly integrated with Presagis Vega Prime, Vortex includes a LynX Prime interface that significantly reduces programming effort. In addition, a preview window with keyboard support can be used for application testing and optimization. 

Vortex is a flexible platform for simulating land-based vehicles or machines with real-world attributes. It offers a comprehensive feature set that includes rigid-body dynamics, a comprehensive joint library with motors and limits, accurate collision detection, and vehicle dynamics. 

Optimized for demanding, industrial applications, Vortex strikes a balance between fidelity and speed. CMLabs’ Vortex for Vega Prime has been deployed in real-time simulations used for operator training, product design, usability testing, and path planning for unmanned vehicles.


Best Visualization Application:     awards_logo_makemedia

MakemediaThe “Best Visualization Application” award is given to the best visual application built using Presagis Vega Prime. To be eligible, the application must be deployable as an independent visualization application and must also either be an Image Generator (IG), a stealth viewer, an out-the-window (OTW) view, or any other visualization application for simulations.

The criteria for evaluation include realism and performance as well as the scope of both the application and its configuration. This year’s recipient is the UK’s Makemedia for their ACT-UK training simulator.

The virtual environments of the ACT-UK training simulator recreate two real world construction developments: a housing estate in Coventry and a high-rise building in Birmingham, UK. In order to provide an effective training environment, the ACT-UK training simulator fully immerses trainees in the experience through its level of technical detail and the variety and realism of the construction sites.

Each construction development is recreated in exacting detail at 5 specific points in time during the construction. This enables trainees using the simulator to see the progression of each site throughout the construction process.

Using Vega Prime, the team at Makemedia pushed the boundaries of what the engine can produce on a 3 channel system. And, in addition to achieving the precise technical specifications set out in the reference data, they also produced a range of databases that are visually stunning and managed to maintain a consistent frame rate of 30fps on all 3 channels through the efficient use of the Creator hierarchy and the Vega Prime options.


Best Simulation Application:     awards_logo_xpi

XPI Simulation Ltd.The “Best Simulation Application” award is given to the best simulation created using Presagis software. The award recognizes the ability to achieve a reliable, robust, and innovative simulation application. Evaluation criteria for the award include the ability to solve challenges, the quick turnover and delivery of the application, and the level of interoperability achieved by the application.

This year’s recipient of the “Best Simulation Application” award is XPI Simulation Ltd. for their police training simulator.

Performing in real time at 60 Hz, the driving application takes full advantage of Presagis AI.implant to manage the high concentration and unusual complexity of its entities. While currently being used for effective police response and pursuit training, the XPI simulator can easily be extended to include other road safety and driver training applications.

Developing a driving simulation is particularly difficult because cars have strict rules to abide and also must adapt their behavior in response to other external factors. The integration of Presagis Creator and AI.implant greatly simplified the process of applying rules to each part of the road layout, resulting in significant savings in both time and cost.


Most Valuable Industry Partner:     awards_logo_scalable

Scalable Display TechnologiesThe “Most Valuable Industry Partner” award recognizes partners that have excelled in delivering exceptional value to the industry over the course of the year. The criteria for evaluation for this award include the adoption by Presagis customers of an integrated Presagis COTS software and Partner products/services application. In addition, the benefits of the Partner solution, including time and cost savings, application performance improvements, overall improvement of application quality and aesthetics, and demonstrated technology innovation are also taken into consideration.

This year’s “Most Valuable Industry Partner” award recipient is Scalable Display Technologies for the implementation of their EasyBlend™ software for use in a visual simulation system for the U.S. Marines.

The visual simulation system consists of three SRX-S105 SONY high-resolution projectors powered by EasyBlend and Presagis Vega Prime. Utilizing the highest resolution imaging chip available on the market, the system was developed to provide a forward-looking solution to a wide range of image display applications.

Scalable Display Technologies’ EasyBlend software plays a critical role in the visual simulation system by automatically calibrating the display and aligning multiple projector display systems within seconds to achieve the highest quality edge-blended images with rich and precise color.

By using camera feedback of an image array to correct for image warping, adjust color and blend images, EasyBlend produces displays that are bright, high resolution, portable, and self-calibrating.