Presagis Releases Newest Member of the Ondulus Sensor Family

Ondulus IR offers real-time physics-based infrared sensor simulation.

Montreal, Canada – October 27, 2016 – Presagis™, a leading provider of commercial modeling, simulation, and embedded software, today announced the release of the newest member of its Ondulus sensor family, Ondulus IR, which offers real-time high-quality physics-based infrared sensor simulation.

Ondulus IR dynamically computes the amount of energy exchanged between the sun and different materials to precisely simulate the infrared signature of natural and man-made features anywhere in the world, at any time of the year, under a variety of atmospheric conditions. As Ondulus IR has been developed in Canada, it can be deployed and supported almost anywhere in the world.

“One of the key design criteria we had in mind when designing Ondulus IR was to allow advanced users to customize the product to their specific needs”, said Eric Simon, Head of Innovation at Presagis.

“Ondulus IR’s modular architecture and open Application Programming Interfaces allow users to utilize their own material characterization data, replace whole sections of the processing chain with their own algorithms or add hardware-in-the-loop to meet the most stringent research and development requirements” added Simon.

Ondulus IR provides customers with perfect correlation to support the fair fight necessary for today’s joint training and mission rehearsal needs. In addition, because Ondulus IR shares the same unified database and material classification workflow as all other products in the Presagis M&S Suite, it also leverages the latest evolutions of the common database (CDB) to offer a single database solution for visuals, sensors, and Computer Generated Forces systems.

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