Presagis Launches a New Version of User Application Accelerator Software

Montreal, Canada – April 20, 2016 – Presagis™ today released its latest version of User Application Accelerator (UA²) tool at the Aviation Electronics Europe expo in Munich, Germany.

Developing ARINC 661 User Applications is a challenge. It requires mastering multiple low level details and different versions of the standard. This is the reason why Presagis developed the User Application Accelerator (UA²) tool. System and software engineers can now quickly, consistently, and accurately develop ARINC 661 User Applications without the need to become ARINC 661 experts.

UA² is designed to augment existing modeling tool-sets and software development processes, without requiring fundamental changes or a steep learning curve. The tool eliminates the common concerns associated with adopting a new technology. Besides removing the need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the ARINC 661 Standard to create system code, UA² also helps the enforcement of consistent HMI behavior across layers and among multiple teams of developers much easier.

Knowing that Definition Files, which contain Widget and Layer identifiers, are independently loaded into a Cockpit Display System, the tool automatically synchronizes layer definitions and interfaces in the modeling tool in order to avoid the User Application from driving the Cockpit Display System incorrectly.

UA Accelerator provides an accessible and simplified method for the User Application to drive Cockpit Display Systems from different vendors and even vendor specific extensions. UA² will even auto- generate the necessary documentation from the User Application model information. Simply create and format a template based on requirements and the tool will quickly produce all the tedious documentation.

Presagis will have a booth at the Aviation Electronics Europe conference. At booth H3, experienced professionals representing the organization will provide demonstrations and more information to truly showcase the benefits and how simple it is to use the User Application Accelerator. 

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