Avionics USA 09

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Date: June 01 — 02, 2009
Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, United States


Avionics USA is modeled after the highly successful Avionics Exhibition and Conference, the leading event in the world for commercial and defense avionics held annually in Amsterdam every March. 

Don't miss two exciting presentations in which Presagis will be participating.

Masterclass: Developing High Performance Graphics for Avionics Systems
Monday June 1st, Master Class 1 - 2:45 -5:15 presented with Wind River, Seaweed, and GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

Conference Session: AgustaWestland Accelerates Merlin HMI TouchScreen display software development with COTS ARINC 661 prototyping tools
Tuesday June 2nd 9:30-10:00 - Session 4

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The Avionics conferences are the only dedicated civil and military avionics events in the world. The U.S. conference content will cover navigation, aircraft modernizations and retrofits, air traffic control upgrades, electronic flight bag design, runway incursion technology avionics for unmanned aerial vehicles, obsolescence challenges, and safety certification for hardware and software.

Presagis \ Avionics USA 2009

Presagis provides complete life-cycle solutions that address the specific needs of the defence and commercial aviation markets .  We are committed to delivering advanced, high-quality software for the development of safety and mission-critical avionics and simulation applications.  

Our product lines offer proven software solutions for robust simulations, scenario generation, embedded display development, and training.  By offering seamless integration between our families of software, Presagis is helping industry-leading aviation manufacturers to both design and simulate their cockpits within a single unified environment.

See how BAE Systems/Eurofighter , Boeing , SAAB , and other companies are using the VAPS toolset for embedded avionics development.

master class \ Monday, june 1st - 14:45

Developing High Performance Graphics for Avionics Systems

Don't miss this masterclass given by WindRiver, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Seaweed, and Presagis on Monday, June 1st at 14:45.

This workshop demonstrates how to build a high performance graphics system for use by avionics systems using COTS technology and open standards.

The workshop covers all aspects of graphics system development including open standards and performance tuning, from application development, through to OpenGL, down to the graphics hardware and all controlled in real-time for optimal performance.

The workshop will demonstrate graphics application development and automatic code generation using VAPS XT.  This application will then be deployed onto a fully integrated graphics platform comprising Seaweed's SeaWind COTS OpenGL Stack running on a GE Fanuc MAGIC1 system under Wind River VxWorks 6, the industry leading real-time operating system which provides the graphics system with a fast, deterministic and fully scalable runtime.

agustawestland case study \ Tuesday, june 2nd - 9:30

AgustaWestland Accelerates Merlin HMI TouchScreen display software development with COTS ARINC 661 prototyping tools

This case study will presented during the Next Generation Military Avionics track of the conference.

This case study investigates the role of COTS tools in the new TSU (TouchScreen Unit) in development by AgustaWestland for the Merlin HM Mk1 Weapon System in compliance with the ARINC 661 Standard.

Now firmly established in service, the Merlin is currently entering the Merlin Capability Sustainment Plus (MCSP) phase of its life cycle.  Overall, AgustaWestland is supporting Lockheed Martin ASIC, in ensuring that Merlin continues to maintain it's capability as a major contributor to control of the littoral, underwater and above water battlespace and provide wider utility in other roles and scenarios including Operations Other Than War (OOTW).

More specifically, the goal of the MCSP phase of development is to examine aspects of the weapon system in order to find ways to protect against obsolescence and reduce the through life cost of ownership, particularly those arising from the pace of technological advances in electronics systems.  Additional goals are associated with improving maintainability, increasing flexibility and easing future changes/modifications.  In addition to the introduction of, AgustaWestland has also begun using COTS tools to improve the human machine interface (HMI).

During MCSP, an open systems computer architecture has been introduced to the platform.  In support of this, AgustaWestland is using COTS tools to develop an intuitive interface for the TSU that provides the means for the crew to interact with aircraft avionic systems.  This development should provide a reduction in operator workload while maintaining simultaneous control of multiple and diverse functions. In addition, COTS tools are proving invaluable in allowing AgustaWestland to explore new HMI prototypes quickly and efficiently and to share these new designs with their partners and customers.