Web Seminar: M&S Suite 15 Overview

We are pleased to announce the release of our best M&S Suite . Each product in the Suite features significant enhancements that support our focus on high-fidelity and higher-quality visuals. In order to provide our users with more details, we have scheduled a webinar to present the highlights of the Suite 15.

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Highlights of Presagis M&S Suite 15

Experience our Border patrol Scenario that was developed from start to finish with M&S Suite 15. The interactive scenario takes place in the city of Tjuana, Mexico, and it features real-time tactical 2D and 3D maps, and a sensor-equipped UAS.


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The adoption of VAPS, as part of the process and toolset development for the Typhoon Format Symbology, has already leveraged significant savings through the porting of Virtual Graphics Sub-System Rig application to PC hardware, making significant savings on the unit cost of training aids.
- Andy Lumb, Typhoon Deputy Avionics Integrated Product Team Leader
BAE Systems

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