About Presagis

Presagis is a global provider of software for the development of modeling, simulation, visualization, and embedded display applications. Focused on building intimate relationships with its customers, the company provides integrated and comprehensive end-to-end solutions based on open standards, with a unique combination of commercial software tools, and professional development and advisory services.
Presagis makes the future safer by building software that helps its customers reduce development risk, improve time-to-market and lower costs in complex projects, in addition to developing DO-178 certifiable applications.

Our solutions

Modeling & Simulation Software

For our Training and Simulation customers, Presagis modeling and simulation software and related services reduces the development time and effort spent in delivering applications for flight simulation, including helicopter and UAS training applications, as well as immersive ground simulation.

Embedded Graphics Software

With a long heritage in delivering Embedded Graphics software, Presagis provides COTS tools and services for safety critical avionics systems design and development which has resulted with code generated by our flagship products being deployed in hundreds of aircraft worldwide and our software being certified on over 30 major aircraft programs around the globe.


About our integrated modeling & simulation software solutions

Presagis provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of software for developing simulation applications for a wide variety of military and commercial markets including flight simulation, helicopter training, UAS/UAV ground operator training, as well as ground vehicle simulation. Our goal is to help our customers develop custom applications as quickly and cost effectively as possible by giving users easy to use software tools with a depth and breadth of features and functionality that are only available in tools that have been leading the industry for over 30 years.

Because our software portfolio is based on open industry standards, our suite of off-the-shelf modeling and simulation software can easily integrate with third party applications and/or legacy systems. Our partner ecosystem allows other industry leading modeling and simulation companies to tightly integrate their hardware or software solutions with core technologies from Presagis so that you can extend the capabilities of Presagis software through out-of-the-box integration as well as benefit seamlessly from support for key technologies. Presagis supports over 1000 customers worldwide including Boeing, General Dynamics, KMW, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Cassidian, BAE Systems, Selex Systems Integration, General Atomics, and Rockwell Collins.

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About our embedded graphics software solutions

Presagis is a leading provider of software solutions for developing safety-critical and mission-critical embedded graphics display applications including commercial avionics, military avionics, and military vetronics. The company has provided human-machine interface (HMI) graphical modeling tools and OpenGL drivers for embedded systems for over 25 years.

Presagis helped pioneer both the prototyping of avionics display graphics, display drivers, and the automatic code generation for embedded systems in the 1990s.

Since then, code generated by our flagship HMI modeling product, VAPS XT, as well as systems based on our embedded SeaWind graphic driver products, have been deployed to hundreds of aircraft and vehicles, and our embedded graphics software has been certified on over 30 major aircraft programs worldwide. With a focus on delivering standards based solutions to help customers save time and cost, Presagis can help you simplify the path to DO-178 and DO-254 certification, as well as help you develop avionics displays to the ARINC 661 standard. Presagis is a partner you can trust for reliable, high-performance real-time embedded graphics solutions and services.

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